RJ’s Report – November

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Please be sure to join us for this month’s meeting on November 8th, featuring Natalie McVeigh speaking about Emotional Intelligence and how it can enhance your RIM Program. This next session in our Sharpening Your RIM Toolkit theme will be sure to provide you with new ideas and talking points as we head into 2017!

Last month’s meeting topic, Talking Tech, left me thinking about RIM and IT, and how were are more alike than we think, or perhaps are even willing to admit. Two quotes from our speaker, Clint Andrews, specifically brought this to mind: 1) “[In IT] Customers outnumber us” and 2) “Technology doesn’t always make our customers work easier”.

Looking at the first quote, I feel like all RIM professionals can relate to this statement in your role at your company. Namely because RIM is also a service oriented team that provides benefits to all other staff – our customers! RIM and IT exist to support the operational goals and mission of the business by supporting the work that they do. At my company our RIM Policy even states under the purpose that RIM “will support Company business functions…”. So, like IT we serve customers with their priorities and goals, driving towards the objectives of the company. While other groups each have a specific function they complete, RIM and IT need to understand all functions within the business as part of reaching our goals that support the organization.

For the second quote, I believe that both RIM and IT truly want to make life easier for our customers, to provide them quick access to information or offer tools that will improve the day-to-day (its why many of us chose this career). However, in reality a lot of what we bring are changes that add additional steps and time to the user’s day. That is not to say that these tasks are not worthwhile or lack return on investment, it just means it that it is going to take time for people to adjust to the new level of work. Once they can see the value they will adopt the change. Both IT and RIM have hard roads to travel to prove worth, but companies invest time and money into both because we can do just that!

There were a few other things in Clint’s talk that made the comparison even sharper. The fact that when we fail we are seen as disruptive, but when we succeed it seems no one cares. Also, the idea behind “shadow IT” – that departments will go rogue and buy a third party app or storage without IT’s knowledge or input. Does that sound familiar to you as a RIM professional? Rogue storage and records destruction? Or how about secret hoarders of records?

In the end if we can embrace our similarities, our parallel struggles, then we can reach a common ground with IT to share in the success of both group’s hard work. So don’t forget to thank your IT department and share some customer stories, it may be the first step in building a long lasting bridge.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

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