Mile High Denver CRM Exam Study Group (ESG)

icrm-logo-w-trademark-color-2011jpg1-300x157Why should you choose certification?

One of the most important decisions you can make in your professional life is to invest in yourself, and one of the best ways to do that is to become a Certified Records Manager (CRM) or the new Certified Records Analyst (CRA)


  • Primary Certification of the RIM/IG Profession
    • Designed for experienced professionals with management-level responsibilities
    • Continually benchmarked against standards set by the RIM profession
    • Does not lose relevancy in the midst of changing technologies
  • Enhanced Professionalism
    • Continuing education requirements ensure currency in skills and competencies
    • Ensure deployment of successful RIM/IG strategies
  • Enhanced Personal Growth
    • Documented recognition of your RIM/IG skills
    • Increased scope and depth of personal knowledge base
  • Career Advancement
    • CRMs are well sought after in the job market place
    • Demand for the credential is increasing
    • Surveys show elevated salaries of 31% over non-CRMs

Mile High Denver Chapter sponsors a CRM/A Exam Study Group (ESG) mentored by Su Graham, CRM, MLS, recipient of the ICRM 2013 Alan Andolsen Award in recognition of outstanding CRM mentorship.

Based on a group decision, the ESG currently meets once every two weeks to discuss the results of individual studies, review sample exam questions, and to participate in the presentations of the various parts of the CRM Exam Prep Package.  Group study sessions are based on the individual study group members’ full participation and each session is organized to support their efforts to prepare to successfully pass each part (1-6) of the exam.

The CRM/A Exam Study Group is open to anyone interested in preparing to apply as candidates or to sit for the CRM/A exam.

Exam Study Group Graduates

  • Joy Nelson, CRM (February 2016)
  • Shawna Bleecker, CRA (August 2016)
  • Ann Samek, CRA (August 2016)
  • Sharon Vaughn, CRM (August 2016)


Sharon Vaughn, Sr. Manager-Administrative Services at Bellco Credit Union (ESG Graduate)

“I would not have been able to pass the first 5 parts of the CRM exam without this class. It has been a tremendous help. The study sessions and discussions after each testing cycle have been very educational. Besides learning the material, I also learned a lot about taking the test. I learned how to keep each test in the context of what material was covered in that section. This enabled me to answer the questions better because I was able to recall the information more specifically to each section. Also, just meeting and encouraging others and being encouraged by them has been a great confidence builder.

Everyone in the group has the same goal. We want to pass the exams and make ourselves more valuable to our organizations. I have been able to take the information I have learned and made beneficial changes to my department, educate my staff, building their confidence and knowledge of why they do what they do. I am better prepared when records related situations arise. I never realized there was so much more to doing my job. I would encourage everyone who wants to be better at what they do, in regard to records management, to work at continuing their education. Working toward the CRM designation has been extremely challenging and at the same time very rewarding.”

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