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These sessions of the month were chosen to coordinate with our 2016-2017 programing and we would like to encourage you to view the sessions prior to each monthly meeting and then enjoy discussions with your colleagues at the meeting on the topics! We can engage in a bit of “flipped-learning”!

MonthARMA CodeTitleDescription
SeptemberCF15-4323FELLOWS: Promoting Enterprise CollaborationThis panel will lead an interactive discussion on how today's RIM professionals must be skilled at collaborating if they wish to successfully manage their information assets and achieve buy-in throughout the organization. The panel includes representatives from legal, IT, RIM, risk/compliance, and privacy who will share their insights on how best to leverage roles and expertise in an open, collaborative environment.
OctoberCF15-4434ILTA: The Changing Face of Business, IG, Legal Tech: Looking to 2020 and BeyondWe all know business is changing: growth is stagnant; there's a shift to a buyer's market; there's a glut of lawyers; legal services are being commoditized; there's ever increasing competition and fewer opportunities to participate in law firm equity; and priorities are always changing. Not only is the impact being felt on technology, it's felt in process and workflow as well. Join our CIOs as they look at the opportunities presented to think long term and make technology complement and enhance the legal business. If technology is used to both drive and underpin business decisions and CIOs become strategy-setting partners, the results will speak for themselves.
NovemberCF14-4016Communicate to Win: Key Skills for Records ManagersExcellent business communication skills are especially important for records managers because they must convey complicated ideas in a clear and persuasive way. Failing to effectively describe the importance of defensible retention or of litigation preparation, for example, could result in inefficient budgets and support - as well as organizational damage. In this session, you'll learn several proven strategies for communicating more successfully with senior managers and other key stakeholders.
DecemberCF15-4304A Practical, Hands-On Approach to Taxonomy DevelopmentEven if you have bought a fancy auto-classification tool, you must still define the taxonomy for your organization's information. In this interactive session, you will take part in a group exercise to develop a solid taxonomy structure with enough flexibility to hold all of your organization's information assets. Along the way, you will learn important distinctions among such terms as metadata, taxonomy, and auto-classification.
JanuaryCF13-3483Changing an Organization's Culture Through RIM Touch PointsChanging culture is harder than “changing the course of the Titanic,” as you must steer each employee, not one ship. Employees are engaged throughout the year from benefits to CEO announcements. These engagement touch points are a key to culture change. Proctor & Gamble’s RIM group has successfully raised employee awareness and compliance by embedding records management in a number of touch points. Learn how you can apply their approach and you, too, will see your organization’s culture change!
FebruaryCF13-3486Business Processes and RIM Practices: A Winning CombinationAs a records manager, are you bringing value to the bottom line? Records managers are responsible for the records associated with key business processes – like accounts payable – that can be automated to save your organization time and money. Learn how to position your department as a strategic player in improving business processes, how to ensure any business process improvement initiative rests on a solid records management foundation, and most important, how to make it happen.
MarchCF15-4444Case Study: Interior Department's Strategy for E-Mail Management with Auto-Classification.The Department of the Interior's (DOI) strategy to manage its millions of emails in an enterprise-wide content management system featuring auto-classification for records management is groundbreaking in e-government. The DOI's cloud-based strategy to implement a Capstone approach integrates 14 Bureaus/Offices, serving 98,000 users. Join this session to hear the strategy used to build the program, lessons learned, and next steps. Whether you need support for public access, privacy, Congressional requests, investigations, or e-discovery, this model helps you meet M-12-18 requirements.
AprilCF15-4423Implementing Effective Records Management AuditsImplementing a records management program is only half the equation and measuring its success is the other half. In this session you will discover successful strategies for designing program controls and audit processes for your records management program. You will learn to develop a program audit framework, including how to determine the right metrics to measure, vehicles for collecting relevant data, data sampling techniques, how to identify whom to audit, managing the data collection process, and interpreting the results.
MayCF15-4285Creating a University's Bucket Schedule by ConsensusThis session discusses how the University of California is updating its retention schedule through a collaborative process among all 10 campuses. You'll learn about bucket retention schedules and why the updated schedule is different, and you'll learn about the database that houses the schedule. You'll come away with the knowledge to apply the collaborative process to your own RIM program and to develop a bucket retention schedule.

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